Love to cook or are you a beginner and want to learn how to cook or just need new ideas on exploring new meals whatever your preference Im glad you are here.

My name is Sabrina aka Bee and i’ve been cooking since a young girl and have a passion and love what i do. So i decided what better why to share my love of cooking with the world other than to start my own unique cooking channel

Foods: its many different food cultures and different ways to cook and personally i like exploring all kinds with efforts of continually perfecting my craft i started off cooking just because my mom worked alot and well someone had to do it and didn’t realize i would want to one day pursue a career in the food industry. But that’s the way life works huh i currently work at a surgical center in the kitchen small setting but it works and i get a chance to put my skills to work and everyone loves my soups the best.

I now have four beautiful crazy kids of my own and they tell me all the time how great of a cook i am as well i just want to introduce myself and give a little insite on my background and how i am on a mission to change my life by cooking and sharing my ideas and opinion.

If you like what we will be talking about on this site like, comment, share and give feedback on the different ideas or recipes you would be interested in learning lets get to know each other and get to know food in a new light i will be posted different recipes and giving my prospective on cooking we might get a little crazy cause hey that’s just my life but one thing we will do is have a good time with good food fun and laughs.